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Presentation Spin Music Service
«Meeting of Ministers of Labour with the social partners of the countries of G20», Manege, Moscow
«Meeting of the Ministers of Finance of Governors of Central Banks of G20», St. Petersburg
«Aeroflot-90 years», the State Kremlin Palace, Moscow
Meeting of senior financial officials, Deputy. Finance Ministers and APEC Finance Ministers, Moscow
First Moscow Urban Forum
Meeting deputy. Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Vice APEC Yaroslavl Governor's House
SAP Forum Moscow. 40 years of innovation, Moscow
International Music Festival RED ROCKS, Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi
The Russia Forum 2012, Moscow International House of Music, Moscow

"Spin Music Service" company specializes in providing a whole range of services on lease and maintenance of the most modern and highly professional sound, lighting, video projection, conference, energy engineering and stage equipment of world-known international brands for the organization of different scale cultural events - was established in the year of 1998.


  • Light Equipment
  • Audio Equipment
  • Video equipment
  • Conference System
  • Stage equipment
  • Energy technique equipment
  • Technical Production

«Spin Music Service» has operated in show-business field for over 15 years and throughout this period of time the Company provided technical support for diverse format events, including business seminars, conferences, presentations, art and photo exhibitions, sports competitions of federal and international level, municipal and urban scale public charity, leisure and entertainment activities, discos, Russian and foreign music concerts, and, without exception, a lot of private and corporate events.

Only state- of -the art equipment developed by European and American professionals tailored to most sophisticated demands of our customers is made available to our clients. Our employees represent specialists with the vast experience in the sphere of light and sound design who have gained the experience while providing their professional services for arrangement of versatile show-programs, from grandiose mega-concerts to VIP-presentations.

The majority of event-companies of Moscow sports palaces, concert-halls, clubs, restaurants, hotels, fitness-centers, expo centers are among our permanent clients.

Our Company provides a specific service, which is unique for the Russian market, i.e. 3D scale computer models and drawings generated by WYSIWYG software which reproduce real image of light and sound equipment with exceptional precision and accuracy. This method allows for direct integration of light design and computer modeling providing the client with the possibility for visual assessment of all effects from usage of light equipment, as well as to express their wishes and, if necessary, to introduce all kind of changes long before the beginning of erection work.

Nowadays, «Spin Music Service» is pretty much own of the most well-known international brands among end service providers dealing in the sphere of leasing and renting of various purpose equipment, from energy technology and electrical works to professional video filming, from stage structures and elevator systems installation to the most sophisticated lighting design projects development.

Presently, it is impossible to reproduce and outline all our clients and sites which we were lucky to work on, as well as all artists whose «ups and downs» were witnessed by us, and all events to have been technically supported by us through these 15 years since there were thousands of them.

And all those innovative services which used to be unique for Russia and which have been so actively promoted by us while breaking the well established in the post-Soviet territory stereotypes of the «so called show-business»- are now provided by all and everywhere. Currently it is hard to imagine any worthy project without preliminary objects layout draughtsman ship, or art lighting idea development.

But here we are now on the way of our forward development: it is a modern day reality that on the basis of specific modeling systems being applied for enclosed premises acoustic properties we are capable for an advance assessment of the quality of «sound images», of sound volume and clarity at each point throughout the room (for each one of the spectators in the hall) – and all of the above features are far from being a fancy representation, it is a reality; it is a daily, routine «work process» of our specialists engaged in the conceptual development of the new event.

The stronghold of the new century show-business is represented by technologies which allow us to turn our preparation for every and each holiday event - from closed-door conferences and private fashion shows to discotheques in the open air and large scale festivals - to a most exciting activity. They also avail our clients to «forget» about determination of the parameters of the equipment required and provide them with the possibility to fully concentrate on the creative side of the coming event, .i.e. «creativity».

The success we’ve achieved is not only the result of our strategy aimed at steady buildup and modernizing of our equipment stock combined with business diversification, hard work and flexible pricing policy.

In large part, we own our success to that trust that we have enjoyed through all these years from our clients since it is no surprise to anybody that only he who does nothing never errs. And it goes without saying that it is a great pleasure that mostly all of the events arranged by us have caused the feeling of pride and contentment with our work, and only few «precedents», if any at all, have been a subject of shame.

We expand our knowledge; we develop, and always learn our lessons and never lose an opportunity to solidify our achievements.

And the word we pronounced now «Thank you for having chosen us as your partners and treating us as your close friends with due trust and confidence all these years, for thinking highly of our achievements and forgiving our fails. If it were not for you, the most likely both our Company and corporative events technical service market in Russia would never had reached that level where it is today. Stay tuned, and in the future we will not cease to amaze you with new equipment, new technologies, new level of service, and new ideas» are addressed directly to our established partners of all others.

And to our potential clients we say «Join us, and we shall go out of way to do our best so that you never regret your choice!»

Our awards:



[13/10/2013]    GALA DINNER at VTB Bank

Place: Moscow, Central Exhibition Center «Expocenter»

On October 13 of 2013, in Central Exhibition Center «Expocenter», a grandiose «VTB Bank Gala Dinner» mega-event took place. This was a colossal show from State Jazz Music Chamber Orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem and Garage Sound Plus Smooth Rhythm – n - Blues from the British popular performer Craig David, amazing and marvelous performance, that caught the imagination of all the audience. Read more →

Music and Sports Festival BeeKiteCamp 2013 in Anapa

[24-25/08/2013]    Music and Sports Festival BeeKiteCamp 2013 in Anapa

Place: the Krasnodar Territory, Anapsky district, Bugazskaya kosa (st. Blagoveshenskaya), BeeKiteCamp site

«Spin Music Service» Company acted as technical contractor and provider of packaged technical support   of the event.   BeeKiteCamp Finals were held on 24-25 of August at Bugazskaya kosa and thus closed the BeeKiteCamp 2013 sport season. Read more →

10 th Afisha anniversary picnic festival, Summer Stage by Fresh Bar

[13/07/2013]    10 th Afisha anniversary picnic festival, Summer Stage by Fresh Bar

Place: Moscow, park «Kolomenskoe»

10 th Afisha anniversary picnic festival took place on 13 of July 2013 park «Kolomenskoe»— it appeared to become a real triumph!
Read more →

1st Sports and Music Festival BeeKiteCamp Highlights 2013 in St. Petersburg

[12/06/2013]    1st Sports and Music Festival BeeKiteCamp Highlights 2013 in St. Petersburg

Place: St. Petersburg, Park of 300-years to St- Petersburg

«Spin Music Service» Company acted as technical contractor and provider of packaged technical support   of the event. «1 st music and sports festival BeeKiteCamp Highlights 2013 in St. Petersburg». BeeKiteCamp – is a picturesque event of the summer season, first time to be held on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Read more →

SONY DSR-11 P DVCAM Video Recorder
SONY DSR-11 P DVCAM Video Recorder
SONY DSR-11 P DVCAM Video Recorder

SONY DSR-11 P DVCAM Video Recorder

The SONY DSR-11 professional compact DVCAM video recorder features:

  • The DVCAM format for professional application;
  • Standard and mini cassette compatibility;
  • DV Format Recording & Playback;
  • NTSC/PAL compatibility;
  • I.LINK interface;
  • Analogue input signals can be converted to digital;
  • It is ideal for out-door recording.

The DVCAM format is the professional format created as extension of the popular consumer DV format. The unique compression algorithm provides high quality image and repeated rewriting without quality loss; sound quality is equal to that of a compact disk record.

DVCAM cassettes are fabricated in two sizes: standard and mini which provide record/playback time respectively up to184 minutes and 40 minutes. The videotape drive design of this video recorder allows using cassettes of both sizes without any special adapter.

With your DSR-11 you can record and play back DV-format tapes (SP mode only) with professional DVCAM format tapes. DV format allows a longer recording time: on the standard cassette it is possible to record up to 270 minutes (instead of 184 minutes), and mini cassette record lasts at most 60 minutes (instead of 40 minutes).

*When using DV (SP) household format there can be artifacts on seams between shooting episodes. Between the scenes which have been recorded in different formats (DV and DVCAM) artifacts are possible as well. This is a normal and expected phenomenon.

The DSR-11P provides unique possibility of recording in NTSC and PAL systems. You can record using either color system. *DSR-11P won't convert NTSC signals to PAL and vice versa. At record through an analog input the switch on the back panel is to be switched over manually to source color system.

The DSR-11 can copy time code from a non-tape source, for example from editing PC. This is useful when video edited on a PC or other NLE system has new time code. Using the integrated 4-pin i.LINK interface you can easily duplicate entire tapes and transfer audio, video and command signals through a single-cable connection to a PC or other video recorder connected to DSR-11P. Using i.LINK interface DSR-11 can copy time code from a non-tape source, for example, from an editing computer.

Analogue input signals can be converted to digital and simultaneously output from the i.LINK connector as digital signals. The compact DSR-11P is of a new, unique design. Thanks to small dimensions it can be easily and unobtrusively integrated into structure of any system and placed either horizontally or vertically.

At the Auto Repeat mode DSR-11P can repeatedly replay the recorded program. At the end of the tape or at the first blank point of rather big duration or at an index the auto repeat automatically returns to the beginning and plays this fragment again.

*The DSR-11P ignores any blank spots and index points within the first 20 seconds of tape replay.

The DSR-11P is supplied with wireless remote commander RMT-DS11. This commander provides menu control for precise settings, and it can be used for remote control of presentations.

The DSR-11P has two interfaces: LANC and SIRCS (Sony Integrated Remote Control System) aka CONTROL S. The LANC and SIRCS terminals allow you to connect the optional DSRM-20 for remote control of tape-drive system and jog and shuttle as well.


  • NTSC/PAL System (switchable);
  • Direct Current Input: DC 4 1 12 V;
  • Power Consumption: 15 W;
  • Operating Temperature: 5 Co to 40 Co;
  • Storage Temperature: -20 Co to 60 Co;
  • Tape Speed: DVCAM mode: approx.28.2 mm/s; DV (SP) mode: approx.18.8 mm/s;
  • Recording Playback time:
  • Standard Size Cassette: 184 minutes (DVCAM mode), 270 minutes (DV SP mode), with PDV-184ME;
  • Mini Size Cassette: 40 min. (DVCAM mode), 60 minutes (DV SP mode), with PDVM-40ME;
  • Weight: 2,8 kg without battery and tape;
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 180x69x258.4 mm without projecting parts;
  • Record Mode: DVCAM/DV (SP mode only);
  • Playback Mode: DVCAM/DV (SP mode only);
  • Record Mode: 48 kHz: 16 bit: 2 channels / 32 kHz; 12 bit: 4 channels / automatic choice (DV IN);
  • Playback Mode: 48 kHz: 16 bit: 2 channels / 32 kHz; 12 bit: 4 channels / 32 kHz; 16 bit: 2 channels / 44,1 kHz; 16 bit: 2 channels (automatic choice);
  • Video Signal Input:
  • Composite Video(RCA pin x 1), 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm, Sync negative;
  • S-Video (DIN 4-PIN x 1);
  • Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm, Sync negative;
  • C: 0,286 Vp-p (NTSC), 0,3 Vp-p (PAL), (subcarrier burst), 75 Ohm;
  • Audio Signal Input: RCA jack (L, R), input level: 2 Vrms (full bit), input resistance > 47 kOhm;
  • Video Signal Output:
  • Composite Video(RCA pin x 1), 1,0 Vp-p, 75 Ohm, Sync negative;
  • S-Video(DIN 4-PIN x 1);
  • Y: 1.0 Vp-p,75 Ohm, Sync negative;
  • C: 0,286 Vp-p (NTSC), 0,3 Vp-p (PAL), (subcarrier burst), 75 Ohm;
  • Audio Signal Output:
  • Phono RCA Jacks (L, R) input level: 2 Vrms (full bit), output resistance <10 kOhm;
  • DV IN/OUT: 4-pin;
  • Control S (SIRCS): Stereo mini jack;
  • LANC: Stereo mini jack.


Office location map:

Office address: Ryabinovaya, 53, Moscow, Russia, 121471 [ print location map ]

Office hours: Mon-Fri, 10-00 - 19-00.


Telephone: +7 495 737 6866, +7 495 737 6867,        E-mail:

Warehouse location map:

Travel directions: Fili Metro Station (Fili line), first car from the center, then to the left about 1,100 m along Novozavodskaya Street up to car wash "Aquacity" and café "Listok", then to the right to Bergovoy proezd about 440 m up to the station "Bergovoy proezd", then go straight across railway lines 360 m to the territory of JSC "Reinforced Concrete Products and Pipe Plant", you will see a checkpoint to the left. You need to go straight on the road between the PPC and concrete fence, then to the right about 30 meters will be PPC with a barrier. You tell the guards that you are in a company warehouse "Spin Music Service" and drive through the right and to the right about 20 meters Here you on the spot - Park in the red columns, but not at the ramp (ramp is only for loading and unloading of equipment!).

Warehouse address: Ryabinovaya, 53, 3, Moscow, Russia, 121471 [ print location map ]

Warehouse working hours: twenty four hours.


Telephone: +7 916 570 7607        E-mail:

Bank requisites:

CEO: Michael S. Tsiporin
Legal Address: Ryabinovaya, 53/3, office 79, Moscow, Russia, 121471
Actual address: Ryabinovaya, 53, 5th floor, Moscow, Russia, 121471
Address for correspondence: 121087, Moscow, P.O. Box 45
PSRN: 1037739694057
TIN: 7714199151
RRC: 772901001
Bank account: 40702810238200102768
Bank name: Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia
Corr.acct.: 30101810400000000225
BIK: 044525225

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