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L-ACOUSTICS K2 already available in Russia!
L-ACOUSTICS K2 already available in Russia!
L-ACOUSTICS K2 already available in Russia!
L-ACOUSTICS K2 already available in Russia!
L-ACOUSTICS K2 already available in Russia!
L-ACOUSTICS K2 already available in Russia!
L-ACOUSTICS K2 already available in Russia!
L-ACOUSTICS K2 already available in Russia!

[13/12/2013]   L-ACOUSTICS K2 already available in Russia!

«Spin Music Service»  offers  an  exclusive  innovative product in the  event  market for the premium class  sound technical support  industry of premium class – large format Line Source Array  with adjustable horizontal directivity L-ACOUSTICS K2 (French).

Our Company is the first company ever who has in its possession the engineering technology for state-of the art high-end acoustic system development in show-business, and thus to provide for rent L-ACOUSTICS K2 high-quality acoustic system.

The K2 systems are particularly suited to large format installations and touring applications for which a reinforced LF contour is desirable (Reinforced Contour).

In touring systems rely on K 2 system featuring the LA-RAK plug-and-play amplification, signal processing and signal distribution rack. The amplified controllers and Network Manager deliver a «right out of the box» reinforced LF contour in complex system configurations.

L-ACOUSTICS K2 system main components are as follows:

  • К2 - full-range element, with adjustable horizontal directivity, operating from 35 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • K1-SB – low-frequency element, reinforcing LF contour down to 30 Hz or LF throw down to 35 Hz.
  • SB28 – low-frequency element, extending the operating bandwidth down to 25 Hz.
  • LA4X/LA8 Amplified controller – amplified controllers or LA-RAK, touring rack fitted with three LA8 Amplified controllers.

The 3-way quad amplified design, the transducers resources are among the characteristics giving K2 an exceptional ability to perform in many applications and with a record-breaking performance/weight ratio. Any on-site deployment can be easily and quickly achieved thanks to an extremely ergonomic, fast and captive rigging system. A K2 line source utilizes the unrivalled characteristics of Wavefront Sculpture Technology®. Inter-element angles can be set with laser like accuracy up to a generous 10˚, allowing the optimization of the vertical coverage with SPL smoothly spread across the audience. Horizontally, the K2 coverage pattern can be adjusted to sector and match any audience or specific room geometries. Four different settings are possible: two symmetric (70° or 110°) and two asymmetric (90° as 35°/55° or 55°/35°).

Thanks to its full range capability, the K2 enclosure can be deployed as a standalone line source. For applications demanding extreme LF impact (contour mode), or maximized LF projection (throw mode), K2 can be arrayed with its dedicated and flyable K1-SB LF extension. The K2 system can also address applications with demanding infrasonic reproduction when combined to the SB28 subwoofer. Before installation, any system configurations can be acoustically and mechanically modeled with SOUNDVISION 3D simulation software.

For touring applications, K2 can be associated to the LA-RAK, a universal distribution platform for power, audio signals and network which facilitates cross rental between rental companies. LA-RAK houses three LA8 amplified controllers and can be flown onto a K2 array. Other applications can feature LA8 amplified controllers. For high-end installation projects, K2 can also be driven by the LA4X amplified controller. The scheme authorizes fully discrete DSP treatment per section and maximum power headroom for the best possible sonic performance.

Thanks to dedicated factory presets, the LA8/LA4X amplified controller constitutes an extremely advanced and precise drive system for the enclosures. All L-ACOUSTICS® amplified controllers feature the L-DRIVE, a thermal and over-excursion protection circuit. Up to 253 LA8/LA4X amplified controllers can be connected together via the Ethernet-based L-NET protocol. The LA NETWORK MANAGER software allows online remote control and monitoring of all the connected units, via a user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface, and features the Array Morphing EQ. This exclusive tool allows the engineer to quickly adjust the tonal balance of the system to reach a reference curve or to ensure consistency of the sonic signature.

We grow together!

  • Acoustic systems total capacity of Line Source Array type > 400 kW
  • Acoustic systems total capacity of other types > 120 кW.
  • Sound control production desk number, pieces > 30.
  • Total number of sets designed for actors live performance, pieces > 15.
  • Maximum available number of independent self-contained kits on «turn key» basis, pieces > 25.
  • Total number of rejection crews > 15.
  • Sound supervisors number > 20.

Extra services.

  • Sound design development and visualization.
  • Sonic performance concept development and sounds sets preparation in accordance with Clients requirements.
  • Technical rider approval.

We offer for your easement up-to-date Line Source Array technology of large scale format with adjustable horizontal directivity – premium sound of L-ACOUSTICS K2!

«Spin Music Service» company


[13/10/2013]    GALA DINNER at VTB Bank

Place: Moscow, Central Exhibition Center «Expocenter»

On October 13 of 2013, in Central Exhibition Center «Expocenter», a grandiose «VTB Bank Gala Dinner» mega-event took place. This was a colossal show from State Jazz Music Chamber Orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem and Garage Sound Plus Smooth Rhythm – n - Blues from the British popular performer Craig David, amazing and marvelous performance, that caught the imagination of all the audience. Read more →

Music and Sports Festival BeeKiteCamp 2013 in Anapa

[24-25/08/2013]    Music and Sports Festival BeeKiteCamp 2013 in Anapa

Place: the Krasnodar Territory, Anapsky district, Bugazskaya kosa (st. Blagoveshenskaya), BeeKiteCamp site

«Spin Music Service» Company acted as technical contractor and provider of packaged technical support   of the event.   BeeKiteCamp Finals were held on 24-25 of August at Bugazskaya kosa and thus closed the BeeKiteCamp 2013 sport season. Read more →

10 th Afisha anniversary picnic festival, Summer Stage by Fresh Bar

[13/07/2013]    10 th Afisha anniversary picnic festival, Summer Stage by Fresh Bar

Place: Moscow, park «Kolomenskoe»

10 th Afisha anniversary picnic festival took place on 13 of July 2013 park «Kolomenskoe»— it appeared to become a real triumph!
Read more →

1st Sports and Music Festival BeeKiteCamp Highlights 2013 in St. Petersburg

[12/06/2013]    1st Sports and Music Festival BeeKiteCamp Highlights 2013 in St. Petersburg

Place: St. Petersburg, Park of 300-years to St- Petersburg

«Spin Music Service» Company acted as technical contractor and provider of packaged technical support   of the event. «1 st music and sports festival BeeKiteCamp Highlights 2013 in St. Petersburg». BeeKiteCamp – is a picturesque event of the summer season, first time to be held on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Read more →

Light Equipment
Light Equipment
Light Equipment
Light Equipment

Modern Light Equipment Rent and Service.

Our company possesses a wide range of professional light equipment: from low-power non-controllable devices to 7.5 kW antiaircraft searchlights. We use light equipment of known Russian and foreign brands: GRIVEN, PAR, SVTG, ARRI, ETC SOURCE, EUROLITE, EVENTSPOT, ASTERA, MARTIN, CLAY PAKY, GLP IMPRESSION, JBLED, SHOW SOLUTIONS, CHAMSYS, GRAND MA, HOG, STUDIO DUE, SKY ROSE, COEMAR, JEM, WYBRON COLORAM, AMERICAN DJ, THOMAS, XENIX.

All our lighting designers have extensive experience in creation of unique light shows for various events, perfectly handle all - even most difficult - light control consoles, and easily can prepare preliminary visual design of the equipment arrangement concept for your show by means of WYSIWYG™ three-dimensional modeling program.

  • Total number of controllable dynamic light devices: > 1200.
  • Total number of controllable static light devices: > 950.
  • Total number of controllable LED light devices: > 1000.
  • Total number of other controllable light devices: > 300.
  • Total number of non-controllable light devices and special effects: > 300.
  • Total number of production light control desks: > 35.
  • Total number of electric winches and other elevating systems: > 250.
  • General footage of truss constructs: > 6000 m.
  • Greatest possible quantity of independent "turnkey" autonomous sets: > 20 pcs.
  • Total number of erection teams: > 16.
  • Total number of lighting designers: > 10.

Additional Services.

  • Light Design Creations and Visualization.
  • Development of light show concept of various complexities.
  • Preparation of light fixtures specification according to customer requirements.
  • Coordination of carrying out installation works with engineering services, fire supervision and so forth on site.
  • Elevated Jobs.

Office location map:

Office address: Ryabinovaya, 53, Moscow, Russia, 121471 [ print location map ]

Office hours: Mon-Fri, 10-00 - 19-00.


Telephone: +7 495 737 6866, +7 495 737 6867,        E-mail:

Warehouse location map:

Travel directions: Fili Metro Station (Fili line), first car from the center, then to the left about 1,100 m along Novozavodskaya Street up to car wash "Aquacity" and café "Listok", then to the right to Bergovoy proezd about 440 m up to the station "Bergovoy proezd", then go straight across railway lines 360 m to the territory of JSC "Reinforced Concrete Products and Pipe Plant", you will see a checkpoint to the left. You need to go straight on the road between the PPC and concrete fence, then to the right about 30 meters will be PPC with a barrier. You tell the guards that you are in a company warehouse "Spin Music Service" and drive through the right and to the right about 20 meters Here you on the spot - Park in the red columns, but not at the ramp (ramp is only for loading and unloading of equipment!).

Warehouse address: Ryabinovaya, 53, 3, Moscow, Russia, 121471 [ print location map ]

Warehouse working hours: twenty four hours.


Telephone: +7 916 570 7607        E-mail:

Bank requisites:

CEO: Michael S. Tsiporin
Legal Address: Ryabinovaya, 53/3, office 79, Moscow, Russia, 121471
Actual address: Ryabinovaya, 53, 5th floor, Moscow, Russia, 121471
Address for correspondence: 121087, Moscow, P.O. Box 45
PSRN: 1037739694057
TIN: 7714199151
RRC: 772901001
Bank account: 40702810238200102768
Bank name: Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia
Corr.acct.: 30101810400000000225
BIK: 044525225

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